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Based in Pike, New Hampshire, we buy and sell antiques - specializing in signs, artwork, primitives, furniture and accessories. 

Winter is here.

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Why Pike, New Hampshire?

It's the secret to a happy life.

Winter is here.

Mary Steenburgh

Winter means 2 things for us:

1. Ski Season

No question about it, after the winter holiday season has passed, skiing takes over our world. Now that Josh is coaching the local high school ski team, most mornings we wake to the snow report at Cannon Mountain and head for the hills whenever possible. It's a great way to pass the winter, and at the end of the day, it makes for happy kids and happy parents - plenty of cocoa and waffle fries, warm fires and a well deserved pint at the pub.


2. Nashville

There is no better fun than having an adventure and planning is a good part of that fun. We have a super cute air B&B lined up and are headed to Nashville for the Tailgate Music Valley Antiques Show in a few short weeks. The show will be open Feb 18th - 20th and we are collecting some nice things to set up two booths this time. Josh loves this show and it will be my first time - I am SO excited for our trip. http://www.tailgateantiqueshow.com/