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Based in Pike, New Hampshire, we buy and sell antiques - specializing in signs, artwork, primitives, furniture and accessories. 

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Brimfield..... it's a family affair

Mary Steenburgh

July Brimfield has come and gone - fast and furious as usual!  It is always a different story at Brimfield - sales are up or down, shopping is great or sparse, the weather is hot or wet or cold. But this time was very special for us.... we brought our daughters for the first time since they were in strollers. They each had their own merchandise to sell and were responsible for packing it, setting it up and selling it.

The girls are 13 and 11 now and have grown up with the constant revolving decor of an antiques family. Always something new in the house to look at, but don't get too attached... it could be gone tomorrow. With kids, you are never sure how much about the family business is being absorbed, but hearing them negotiate prices, make deals and watching them drink fresh lemonade, play cards and display their treasures we are fairly certain they have caught the Brimfield bug. (Speaking of bugs... a huge hatching of gypsy moths made for another interesting show.)

Brimfield Girls

Brimfield Girls


Mary Steenburgh

Another amazing week at the Brimfield, Massachusetts flea market is complete!

 We are nearly fully recovered from the exhaustion, and antics of May Brimfield week. Josh and I set up in the Vermont tent at the Green Acres show early in the week, then we packed up and moved down the road to arrange our usual spot at Mays field - booth 69 - Thursday through Saturday. 

There was a huge crowd and we had a full load of fresh merch to sell. So great to see old friends, meet some new ones and immerse ourselves in the culture of our antique loving tribe.

Here are a few photos of some sights during the week...

Come see us in July - We are planning to bring the whole family!