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Welcome to the HenHouse!

Mary Steenburgh

With summer here and the agreement that the time has come to turn this place into a working farmhouse... at least most of most of us agree ;)

We have decided to get chickens! The hatchlings for the breeds we decided on were all available for a June 10th delivery, so we have had plenty of time to make plans for their housing. Right now, they live in a dog crate stacked above Piper the dog's crate.. she has been a very accommodating host.

Our local Agway store has been awesome with advice and the chicks are beautiful and healthy... it has been a little bit difficult to tamper my enthusiasm as a first time farmer and not embarrass myself too much, but I did take few adoption photos at the store and engage a reserved customer into a chat about the ducklings he was getting when I was picking up the chicks. They all humored me.

We are now the proud owners of 2 Rhode Island Reds (they are supposed to be the best layers), 2 Buff Orpingtons (they are supposed to be the sweetest), 2 Bard Rocks (they are the cool black & white speckled variety) and 2 Ameraucanas (they lay the blue eggs!)

I am sure these babies will have a very awkward stage before they grow up, but now, they are my "puff-balls" as our sweet little neighbors have described them.